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2018.10.13 (SAT) 05: 00 pm Concert Hall, Seoul Arts Center

    90,000(R), 70,000(S), 50,000(A), 30,000(B), 10,000(C)

conductor- Thierry Fischer

※ Artists, program, date and venue are subject to change.

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About the Concert


SAT Oct 13, 2018 17:00 |Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall

Thierry Fischer, conductor

Jonathan Johnson, tenor(Candide)

Lauren Snouffer, soprano(Cunegonde)

Victoria Livengood, Mezzo soprano (Old Lady)

Aleks Romano, Mezzo soprano(Paguette)

Hugh Russell, baritone(Dr.Pangloss)

Mark Diamond, baritone(Maximillian)

Michael K. Lee(Narrator)

Jiyu Kim, soprano(Sheep 1)

Heawon Kim, mezzo soprano(Sheep 2, Baronness)

Jun Song, tenor(Judge 1, Prefect, Governor, Vanderdendur, Crowd, Senor)

Jeongmin Wee, tenor(Baron,  Inquisitor, Don Isaachar, Carcambo, Ragotski, Crowd, Manuel, Senor)

Soohong Lee, bariton( Judge3, Captain, Crook, Crowd, Archbishop

The National Chorus of Korea

Leonard Bernstein, Candide (concert version) *Korean premiere

1st part 70 mins

-- intermission 20mins --

2nd part 45 mins

Total Duration: 140 minutes(incl. intermission)

“Any questions? Ask without fear. I’ve all the answers here!” Young Candide and his sweetheart Cunegonde live in the best of all possible worlds, guided by the philosophy of the brilliant Doctor Pangloss. Then reality intervenes: and in a madcap romp through war, intolerance, earthquakes and shipwrecks, Candide discovers that his sunny outlook might – just might – be a little too optimistic. Leonard Bernstein’s irresistible operetta takes Voltaire’s comic novel and gives it the ride of its life. Packed with sparkling tunes and ludicrous jokes, and powered by pure Broadway pizzazz, Candide is a true 20th century classic – and it’s hilarious. Thierry Fischer conducts an all-star cast: philosophy was never meant to be this much fun!

Program Note by Richard Bratby

Pre-concert talk(in Korean) 30 minutes before start of concert.


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