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Håkan Hardenberger and friends: Histoire du soldat 100

2018.04.12 (THU) 08: 00 pm Seoul Arts Center, IBK Chamber Hall

    50,000(R), 30,000(S), 10,000(A)

conductor- Thierry Fischer

trumpet- Hakan Hardenberger

※ Artists, program, date and venue are subject to change.

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About the Concert

Håkan Hardenberger and friends: Histoire du soldat 100

THU Apr 12, 2018 20:00 | Seoul Arts Center, IBK Chamber Hall


Conductor Thierry Fischer

Trumpet Håkan Hardenberger

Violin Yeon Kyung JooYeonju JooWojciech Maciej Dziembowski, Hyemi Lee    

Viola  Anton KangDale KimSun Joo Lee 

Cello Hyun-Jeong Ban,  Ae-Kyung Shin  

Doublebass Dong-Hyuck Ahn, Inhan KangJung-Min Cho 

Flute Yun-Hwa Song, Seon-Ah Jang 

Oboe Mi-Sung Lee Youn Joo Lee 

Clarinet Sang-Woo Lim, Chang-Hee Lee, Eun-Won Chung 

Bassoon Jung-Sun Kwak, Soo-Eun Chung, Jong-Sun Choi 

Horn Michal Emanovsky, Byeonghun Kim 

Trumpet Jeffrey Holbrook

Trombone Jason Matthew Crimi, Taehun Kim 

Percussion Edward Choi, Miyoune Kim 

Piano and Celesta Bo Yoon Park 

Mandolin Byeong-Kyu Kim


Stravinsky, Suite from L'histoire du soldat

------------------- Intermission 15 mins ---------------------------

Rabe, Trumpet Concerto for chamber orchestra 'Sardine Sarcophagus' 

Stravinsky, Concerto for chamber orchestra in E-flat Major 'Dumbarton Oaks'

Ligeti, Mysteries of the macabreThree Arias from the opera Le Grand Macabre for solo trumpet in C and chamber orchestra *arranged by Elgar Howarth

Total Duration: 81mins(incl. intermission)

As Europe awoke from the nightmare of the First World War, Igor Stravinsky took a handful of instruments and told a dark musical fairytale that proves that the Devil really does have the best tunes. 100 years on Thierry Fischer and Hâkan Hardenberger – probably the world’s greatest classical trumpeter – make Stravinsky’s “Soldier’s Tale” the starting point for an evening of wild and wonderful musical storytelling. Stravinsky’s elegant art-deco salute to Bach is the upbeat to Folke Rabe’s startlingly quirky trumpet concerto - written for a city full of fishermen – and the mind-boggling musical comedy of Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre: an opera that fuses science fiction with utter absurdity, in music you’ll never forget. Hearing is believing!

Program Note by Richard Bratby

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    trumpetHakan Hardenberger

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