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2018.03.23 (FRI) 08: 00 pm

    30,000(R), 20,000(S), 10,000(A)

conductor- Péter Eötvös

※ Artists, program, date and venue are subject to change.

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About the Concert


March 23 FRI 20:00 | Seoul Arts Center, IBK Chamber Hall

Péter Eötvös, conductor and visiting composer


Péter Eötvös, Steine *Korean premiere

Manbang Yi, Remembrance for chamber ensemble

 1. Window

 2. Column-Capital

 3. Roof-Courtyard

Do-Won Yu, The Fragments of Color for piano and small string orchestra 

*World premiere, commissioned by SPO

--------- Intermission 15mins ------------

Marc-André Dalbavie, Palimpsest for six musicians *Korean premiere

Beat Furrer, Still *Korean premiere

Total Duration: 85mins(incl. intermission)

A palimpsest is a manuscript that has been written over – still faintly showing something half-forgotten, but unmistakably present. So ghosts of medieval Europe echo through Marc-André Dalbavie’s music, just as the extraordinary sounds of Manbang Yi’s 'Remembrance for chamber ensemble' have their roots in the musical traditions of Korea. As both an expert conductor of new music, and one of Europe’s pre-eminent living composers in his own right, Péter Eötvös knows how to decode these manuscripts. His Steineconcludes a concert that leafs through the past even as it looks to the future, with music by Beat Furrer and a world premiere each adding further layers – while creating sounds to astonish your ears.

Program Note by Richard Bratby

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