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Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade

2018.11.09 (FRI) 08: 00 pm Concert Hall, Seoul Arts Center

    KRW 70,000(R), 50,000(S), 30,000(A), 20,000(B), 10,000(C)

conductor- Soo-Yeoul CHOI

guitar - Park Jill

guitar - Kim Soojin

※ Artists, program, date and venue are subject to change.

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About the Concert

Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade

FRI Nov 9, 2018 8PM | Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall

Choi Soo-Yeoul, conductor

Park Jiil, Rimsky-Korsakov

Kim Soo Jin, storyteller

Rimsky-Korsakov, Scheherazade

1st part: screen & play & orchestra(excerpt) 50mins

------ intermission 20 mins ------------

2nd part: orchestra 42mins

total duration: about 120mins(incl. intermission)


Beyond the Score® is a production of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra 

Gerard McBurney, Creative Director for Beyond the Score®

Featured Artists
  • 뮤지션사진
    conductorSoo-Yeoul CHOI

    Born 1979 in Seoul, Soo-Yeoul Choi is receiving wide public attention for his unique talents and deep interest in contemporary music as well as being a young conductor with strong interpretative power. He is Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Busan Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO), where he was appointed in 2017. He is planning...

  • 뮤지션사진
    guitar Park Jill

  • 뮤지션사진
    guitar Kim Soojin

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