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Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Europe Tour 2018 - Lucerne, Switzerland

2018.11.29 (THU) 07: 30 pm KKL

    25-120 CHF

conductor- Thierry Fischer

piano- Sun-wook Kim

※ Artists, program, date and venue are subject to change.

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About the Concert

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Europe Tour 2018 - Lucerne, Switzerland

THU Nov 29, 2018 19:30  | KKL (Lucerne, Switzerland)

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra is scheduled to have 2018 Europe Tour from November 25th (Sun) to December 1st (Sat), in 3 European countries and in 5 different cities. Under the baton of SPO’s principal guest conductor, Thierry Fischer, it will perform Isang Yun ‘Muak’, B Beethoven, Piano Concerto No.5 “Emperor” / **Schumann, Piano Concerto (** Lucerne, Grenoble) and Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique with Pianist SunWook Kim collaborating with the orchestra.

After four years Seoul Philharmonic has performed at London BBC Proms in August 2014, SPO is revisiting Europe, Geneva and Lucerne in Switzerland, Udine in Italy and Grenoble and Paris in France to perform. SPO is performing for the first time in all five cities, and especially for Switzerland and France, SPO is making its debut stages in the countries. Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2018 Europe Tour is sponsored by KIA Motors Corporation.

>KKL is a concert hall with the world-best acoustic effects, also being loved for its beautiful scenery located alongside Lucerne’s Lake. At the hall being well known as a venue for Lucerne Festival held during summer, Seoul philharmonic Orchestra will perform pieces of Schumann and Berlioz.

Thierry Fischer, conductor

Sunwook Kim, piano


Isang Yun, Muak

Schumann, Piano Concerto

Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique

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    pianoSun-wook Kim

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