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Education counseling 1588-5081


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History of SPO
  1. 2019.01Christian Tetzlaff appointed as Artist-in-Residence in 2019
  2. 2019.01Wilson Ng appointed as Associate Conductor
  3. 2018.11Europe Tour(5 cities including Geneva, Paris)
  4. 2018.11Wolfgang Fink appointed as Artistic Advisor
  5. 2018.03Annette Eunkyung Kang appointed as CEO
  6. 2018.01Ian Bostridge appointed as Artist-in-Residence in 2018
  1. 2017.01Thierry Fischer and Markus Stenz appointed as Principal Guest Conductor and Conductor-in-Residence
  2. 2016.10Unsuk Chin appointed as Artistic Advisor (co-serving as Composer-in-Residence)
  3. 2016.09The Seoul Metropolitan Ordinance on relaunching and operating the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra as an incorporated foundation passed and commenced
  4. 2015.12Joint Concert with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
  5. 2015.10Invitation Concert at Santory Hall in Tokyo, Japan
  6. 2015.09Invitation Concert in China, held by National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA)
  7. 2015.07Heungsik Choe appointed as CEO
  8. 2015.04Received the ‘Premiere’ award from the BBC Music Magazine (Unsuk Chin 3 Concertos / The first Korean orchestra awarded by the BBC Music Magazine)
  9. 2015.03Received an award for best contemporary music recording from the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) (Unsuk Chin 3 Concertos / The first Korean orchestra awarded by the ICMA)
  1. 2014.12Released its 8th album under the DGG label (Mahler Symphony No. 9)
  2. 2014.08SPO European Tour 2014 (4 cities including London and Merano / The first Korean orchestra to perform at the BBC Proms)
  3. 2014.06Released its 7th album under the DGG label (Unsuk Chin 3 Concertos)
  4. 2013.12- Signed a MOU with China’s National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing
    - Released its 6th album under the DGG label (Beethoven Symphony No. 9)
  5. 2013.09- Founded the ‘Brass Academy’, the first training program for brass players launched by a Korean orchestra
    - Founded the ‘Maestro Chung’s Conducting Masterclass’, the first conductor search program launched by a Korean orchestra
  6. 2013.06‘SPO Seniors’ Launched (President: Gi-Joon Kim, Adviser: Doo-Hoon Moon)
  7. 2013.05SPO Nationwide Tour (7 cities including Incheon, Busan and Changwon)
  8. 2013.04 - Seoul-Beijing Sister City 20th Anniversary Concert
    - Released its 5th album under the DGG label (Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 & Symphony No. 5)
  9. 2013.01Hyunjung Park appointed as CEO
  1. 2012.06Outdoor Concert at Han River Park, Youido
  2. 2012.04North America Tour (4 cities including LA)
  3. 2012.01Japan Tour (Tokyo and Fukuoka)
  4. 2011.08Europe Tour (4 festivals including the Edinburgh International Festival)
  5. 2011.07Released 1st DG label CD, 『Debussy & Ravel
  6. 2011.05Japan Tour (3 cities including Tokyo)
  7. 2011.04sign an exclusive worldwide 10 CD album contract with Deutsche Grammophon
  8. 2010.08Completed the Mahler Symphony cycle (~2011.12)
  9. 2010.05Europe Tour (9 cities including Berlin, Bologna, and Saint Petersburg)
  10. 2010.05Children’s Day Celebration Concert at Children’s Grand Park
  11. 2009.08Performed at Klara Festival in Brussels, Belgium
  12. 2009.03Music Story with Maestro Myung-Whun Chung
  13. 2009.02Jooho Kim appointed as CEO
  1. 2008.11Invitation concert in Osaka Japan(11/12)
  2. 2008.10Unsuk Chin’s Ars Nova—100th birthday of Nova and Messiaen (10/25, 30)
  3. 2008.05Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra’s Spring ancient palace concert(5/3)
  4. 2008.01Special concert for Taean residents(1/20)
  5. 2007.11China Beijing Invitation Concert(11/20, 21)
  6. 2007.10Outreach concert of New York, U.S.(10/23, 25)
    Concert for celebration of UN’s day., New York, U.S(10/24)
  7. 2007.06Thailand concert – Bangkok, Papaya (6/2, 3)
  8. 2007.01Special Brahms Orchestral Series Ⅰ~ Ⅴ(1/9 etc)
  9. 2006.08The concert for celebrating of the 61st anniversary of National Liberation (Seoul Plaza, 8/14)
  10. 2006.04Un-sukChin’s Ars Nova(4/27, 28)
  11. 2006.01Juridical foundation Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra CI promulgate ceremony(1/4)
    Reaching Music Concert(1/10)
    Myung-Whun Chung and Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra’s Beethoven Symphony CycleⅠ~Ⅳ(1/13 etc)
  12. 2005.10Myung-Whun Chung and Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, New Start (Sejong Center Grand theater) All seats sold out.
  13. 2005.08The Concert for celebrating of the 60th anniversary of national Liberation (Seoul Plaza)
  14. 2005.06Changed the name incorporated foundation of Seoul Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
  15. 2005.03Enacted Seoul art organization establishment operating ordinance ( Ordinance No. 4265)
  16. 2005Scouted CEo Pal-Sung Lee, Contracted with Art adviser Myung-Whun Chung
  1. 2004.10Participated in Asia Orchestra week, concert conducted by Hong-Jae Kim with Sung-Won Yang in Tokyo and Osaka
  2. 2003.01Seung Kwak inaugurated as Music Director
  3. 2002.06Special concert in celebration for joint host Korea-Japan World Cup
  4. 2002.01Seung Kwak inaugurated as Music Adviser
  5. 2001.02600th Subscription concert conducted Chi-Yong Jeong with Kyung-Suk Lee, Sang-Jun Shin
  6. 2000.05Music director, and artistic direct of Russia Bolshoi Theater Orchestra, Mark Ermler as conductor in residence
  1. 1999Incorporated into Sejong Center organization exclusively, Re-named from Seoul Metropolitan
    Philharmonic Orchestra to Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
  2. 1997Invitation Concert in Beijing, China
  3. 1996Concert for celebration of Atlanta Olympic
  4. 1994.02500th Subscription concert conducted by Saeng-Ryeo Kim, Gun-Wu Baik
  5. 1994Kyung-Su Won inaugurated as conduct in residence
  6. 1991Eun-Sung Park Inaugurated as conductor in residence (1991~1992)
  7. 1989.05400th Subscription Concert (Conductor Jae-dong Jeong with Gwang-Seon Song, Young-Ja Jeong, Dong-Ho Shin, Seong-Gil Kim)
  8. 1988 Concert tour 16 cities in Europe,
  9. 1986Concert tour 5 cities in the U.S,
  10. 1983.09300th Subscriptionconcert
    (Conductor Saeng-Ryeo Kim with Man-Bok Kim, Kyung-Su, Won, Jae-Daong-Jeong
  11. 1982Concert tour in U.S
  12. 1977.05Concert tour to 5 countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore (Conductor Jae-Dong Jeong)
  13. 1975.06200th Subscription concert conducted by Jae-Dong Jeong with Sin-Jeong Kang ,Vocalist Gyu-Do, Lee and 3 musicians.
  14. 1975.01Expanded to 4 halls
  15. 1974Jae-Dong Jeong inaugurated as Conductor in residence (1974~1990)
  16. 1970.08Kyung-Su Won inaugurated as Conductor in residence (1970~1971)
  1. 1965.04 Sun-Ju Kim inaugurated as Assistant conductor
  2. 1965Concert tour to Japan 2 times
  3. 1962.10100th Subscription concert
    (Conductor Man-Bok Kim with Jin-woo Jeong, Young-Geum Hwang, Jeong-Hee Lee, Hyeong-Il Ahn, Han-Geun, Kim)
  4. 1961.07Man-Bok Kim inaugurated as conductor in residence (1961~1969)
  5. 1957.08Established as the Seoul Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra with conductor in residence , Saeng-Ryeo, Kim
  6. 1957.03As Cultural art mission, Concert tour to South-East Asia – 2 months including Saigon 6 days , Taipei 7 days, Hong Kong 3 days
  7. 1954 Renamed as Navy Symphony Band
  8. 1950.11Organized as Navy Junghun Band, Held the 1st subscription concert at hall
  9. 1948.10Seoul Symphony Association formed
  10. 1948.02 Hosted the first subscription concert conducted by Sung-Tae Kim
  11. 1948.01Established Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra by 40 musicians from the parent, Goryeo Symphony Orchestra and Seoul Symphony Orchestra